Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tuesday news

Hi all. It is still very changeable here clouds and then warm sunshine. No rain yet today though!The children are having a great time - no homesickness and really excellent behaviour from all. A few messages from some of the children on site today:
James T - If my family were here I'd stay for ever.
Fintan - Sailing and archery were brilliant
Antonia- Sailing was great, capzizing was fun
Masha - Everything is amazing, I am really enjoying it.
Megan - It's the most fun I've ever had. (and she did the zip wire today!)
Ben B - The archry was my favourite so far
Max - I loved the climbing wall.
Sophie - I enjoyed pushing Max off in sailing.
Alex B - It's new and exciting. Sailing and Archery were best; abseiling and climbing were scary.
Sam P - If I could live here I'd be happy but I'd mmiss my family.
Hebe - I loved the pirate games in sailing; I stole Mr Gilbert's oar
Javed - I loved the mountain biking - the skills course was great
Ceasar - I am really enjoying everything
Conor - Sailing was great - I liked the fact that your actions affected everyone.
Finnbar - Sailing and abseiling are best so far
Sam M - I liked getting my cards from my mum and dad
Ruby - It's cool
Isobel - Sailing was fun

sorry there aren't yet comments from all the children - they are all so busy! Today three groups are at the lake. The children are eating lots and enjoying the endless supply of sweets! We have not been able to connect to the internet on the laptops we brought with us so we'll do our best to keep h ebog up to date.