Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun

We're having a lovely sunny day here at Hameau les Ages and thought we would send a few more messages home!

Ben C-S: The mountain biking was probably the best bit of the trip so far because there were a large number of things you could do and you never got bored. My goal was to get under 1 min 30 seconds on the obstacle course and I managed to beat my goal by 2 seconds! The skill course was probably the best part because there was always something to jump over or ride across.

Ellie: Hi family! Happy Birthday George! I have really really really enjoyed canoeing. We went 16 km down the Dordogne river. Every day has been really fun and tiring and I sleep like a log! Also, we had chips for dinner the other night! Mmmmm the food is great :)

George H: hi im having a great time just fallen off my bike on mountain biking but im ok and im just doing problem solving and abseiling.

Lottie: We canoed for 16 km down the Dordogne River on Monday and on site we did the zip wire where you had to climb up metal pegs up to a very high platform and jump off with a harness on. For a second I felt like I was falling but then I felt like I was flying! The food is lovely, and I think everyone loves their rooms.
Ella: Hi Mom, Dad and Ethan! The food has been really nice, and all the activites were great. Yesterday we went to the lake and we built rafts and my team's raft floated!

Immy: HI mum and dad and luke!!! I am having s really great time and I am in a room with all my best friends(georgia, ava, ellie, lucy!). Today I have done trapezing and jumped from a really high pole! I didnt get to hold on to the handle but I had great fun anyway!! I am really missing you and will hopefully write on the blog later on in the week!

Miles: Dear Mum, Dad, Emily and Topaz, I am having a fantastic time in France and missing you loads. The best bit so far has been the trapeze because I managed to jump AND hang on to the bar! My room is really nice and the beds are really comfortable.

Olli: hi mum and dad hope you r having a great time at home because i am here hoping to see you soon. i really liked kayaking because we did it on the lake and the kayaks were easy to handle lol