Thursday, 11 June 2009

It's Thursday! The children have continued to be really great - no homesickness, no complaints, etc. They are all eating very well, and don't seem to be fed up with the French bread yet! Today two groups are on site having great fun playing games, learning orienteering and doing the most challenging activity: the trapeze. Three groups have their final day of getting wet on the lake, which Ella described as "the big water that doesn't move" as distinct from the Dordogne which must be "the small water which moves"! The children all seem to have different favourite activties: many loved the canoeing along the Dordogne, especially soaking each other and their teachers. Yesterday Sam M ( accompanied by lots of others) succeeded in pushing me (Mrs. England) into the river.
Masha wanted me to write on the blog "Teamwork is everything. If you don't cooperate you don't win" - this seems to sum up the trip as all the children are working so well together and being very supportive of each other. They had their fist pocket money allowance last night and enjoyed spending their Euros in the tuck shop, although many of them are saving their money for our excursion tomorrow, which we are all looking forward to. It is also Jack and Olivia's birthdays tomorrow and the children are excited about that - especially the promise of birthday cake in the evening! The evening will end with the disco so we will have 57 very tired children on Saturday morning, not to mention 6 tired staff!!